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Some of my relatives came directly from Italy so I should have known a lot about pasta. However, the fact is I just didn’t know good pasta from bad pasta. So a little bit ago I started doing some research on pasta. In learned that the best pasta is made from the best grade of stone-ground duram flour from hard winter wheat and pure spring water. In Italy, spaghetti is generally cooked al dente, just fully cooked and still firm. I also learned that pasta needs to be air dried for a long time. Also in Italy the best pasta is extruded from brass dies that gives it unique properties.

So armed with that knowledge I started looking for a really good grade of pasta. I found it on amazon.com and bought some. It seems that they only sell the best in quantities of about four one pound package at time. So ,after two purchases I had eight pounds of pasta. My wife thought that was a bit too much but I assured her that dried pasta is good survival food and she knows that I am stock piling survival food and other items. We immediately found that buying this pasta was a good move. We both agreed that it was really good and we didn’t want to eat any other brand except “Rustichella” brand in the future.

So we have been eating more meals centered around pasta. We have been trying different dishes like pasta salad, pasta with meat sauce and others. This week I decided that a great meal would be linguine, drizzled with olive oil, a bit of garlic fresh grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and smoked ham. I shredded the ham and chopped it into about one inch pieces. Then I sprinkled the smoked ham on top of the pasta. I didn’t use much smoked ham maybe two or three ounces for the two of us. I added bit of ground black pepper and a little Fleur de sol sea salt. I wish I had a picture to show you but it was so good we at it all. So guess what I am having next week. The same thing only this time I will use some smoked brisket and then some pulled pork.

Now if you try this be sure to use really good pasta and don’t cook it to much, follow the directions on the package. It really makes a big difference.

There is a new book that you can pre-order on Amazon by Myron Mixon. Don’t miss this one.

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Kansas City, MO. August 11, 2008: In the past, forums of this type have been operated by equipment manufactures that restricted the discussion to their own ceramic BBQ products. This new “basic forum” encourages free open discussion about all types of ceramic cooking equipment. Product comparisons are encouraged. 

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3. Posted by Poppasam on August 05, 2008 at 12:16:50: “This will be as great as the BBQ Forum for us Ceramic Folks. As a total ceramic team I look forward to thought and ideas on what we are doing from others.”

4. Posted by Old Dave on August 05, 2008 at 06:42:38: “Thanks so much for starting another great forum. I am sure it will soon be one of the best locations on the web for the ceramic owners.”

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RSS Feeds are appearing on lots of web pages anymore. You can find them mostly on sites where information changes often like the The BBQ Forum Blog and the Podcast page. Simply stated if you copy the RSS Feed of these sites into a feed reader you can receiver almost instant notification on your computer screen whenever new items are added to the web page.

The first thing you need to do is get a “Feed Reader.” Just go to someplace like http://www.download.com and search on the phrase feed reader. You can find them costing everywhere from Free to around $50. To begin with get a free one like FeedReader. It’s a free program that works well and if you really like this stuff buy a better one, with a lot more features. They will all notify you in different ways when the web page your watching has something new added to it. The more expensive ones will download that new item to your computer while you sleep so you can, for example, upload the latest PodCast to your IPod in the morning and listen to it on the way to work.

You can find RSS feeds on web pages by looking for the link or the small orange image that has RSS on it. You probably should look for the one that has RSS 2 on it. You then right click on the link or image and mouse down to the link that reads “copy shortcut.” When you do this you put the shortcut link into your computers clipboard.


OK, I mentioned in my recent PodCast that I wanted to do something with this domain. Now were about ready to start. BBQ Blog.com is now the home of the PodCasts. Soon I hope it all will be a way of expanded the BBQ Forum, and adding to the forum with editorial content from these reporters. I’m calling it The BBQ Forum Blog. I think it’s time to expand the BBQ Forum. The actual BBQ Forum itself will not change.

What I want to do is set up a group of reporters from the BBQ Forum to each run their own section of the BBQ Forum Blog. These “reporters” would write weekly if not more often posts to The BBQ Forum Blog. Their inspirations for these articles would come from email they had received form the people of the BBQ Forum

Examples of these individual reporters sections could be as follows but not limited to:

Book Reviews of interest to the BBQ Forum
Contest news releases
Charities and fund raising events
Weekly spot light on individual BBQ Forum People
Technical computer information of interest to the BBQ Forum People
Equipment (pits etc) review and new product information
Information on fuel products
Contest judging editorials
Recipe Spotlight

These are just some subjects that I think might be good but I am open to any suggestions. Each subject would have a reporter assigned to it.

What I really need is individuals who would be interested in being one of these reporters to contact me. You should be a reporter that wants to report on a certain topic and have the expertise and time to read email suggestions from the people of the BBQ Forum and have the time to contribute at least weekly your comments.

The whole project is something I have thought about for over a year. I am not trying to take anything away from the BBQ Forum but to expand its content and knowledge of the people who make up the Forum. We all love human interest posts to the forum and now I want to expand the BBQ Forum Content and involve more people in the future development of the BBQ Forum.

I also need people who would like to be reporters to contact me at rayb@bbqblog.com

Ray Basso

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