August 2005

Wednesday 31, August 2005

Chris Lilly – Big Bob Gibson BBQ Restaruants

Chris Lilly is a well know BBQ contest winner and the host of the BBQ All Star Showdown cable television show on OLN. 13:07 minutes

Monday 29, August 2005

Carolyn Wells Executive Director of KCBS

Carolyn Wells is the Executive Director of the Kansas City Barbeque Society. She has for years helped guide this important organization. 12:03 minutes

Monday 23, August 2005

Chris Capell – Dizzy Pig BBQ

Chris Capell (sometimes known as “Nature Boy”) is an winning cook on the BBQ contest circuit. He also is a in the BBQ rub business. This telephone interview has good tips in it. 11:21 minutes

Sunday 14, August 2005

The First BBQ Forum PodCast

  This is the first PodCast from The BBQ Forum.  It is a narrative from Ray Basso about what is happening on the BBQ Forum and other BBQ web pages.  It also contains information about this years BBQ Forum Logo Merchandise Photo Contest.  10.43 minutes

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