September 2005

A while back someone gave me a recipe for Slim Jim’s and I would like to share it with you. I have sent many pounds of this to my son who is in the Air Force overseas which he says is never enough because he shares them with everyone.

We enjoy these and I’m sure you will too!

Slim Jim
2 pounds

2 pounds of ground lean meat
½ tsp Mace
2 ½ Tbs. Paprika
1 3/4 Tbs. Ground mustard
1/4 tsp. Celery seed
1/4 tsp. Black pepper
1/4 tsp. White pepper
1/4 tsp. Red pepper
1 Tbs. Corn Syrup

Blend together with meat. Dehydrate 4 ½ – 5 hours on high setting
I use an American Harvest Jerky gun that came with a round tip. After dehydrating, I cut them into 6 inch pieces. I also vacumn pack them. These have noting to preserve them. Can also be frozen.

Makes great snacks for hunting and football games.

Until next time……….
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Welcome and I feel an introduction is in order. On the competition circuit and on the Forum, most know me by Joey Mac, head cook of Joey Mac’s Smoke Stax BBQ team. We’ve been competing at KCBS events for a year now, and yes I still consider myself a newbie. Joey Mac’s has had an OK rookie season, we’ve won some trophies and ribbons, but none of it would have been possible with out the help and guidance from others who had been there before us. This blog opportunity provides me an outlet to share some my lessons with other wannabe competitors.

What I’d like to do over the next several months is relay some of my experiences, some bad and humbling, some triumphant, but mostly I want to convey the message that the great people you meet in this narrow little community of competition BBQ are what make this such a fulfilling journey. I plan on covering a range of topics from competition basics to contest etiquette to choosing the contest that’s right for you to budgeting your newfound passion. Competition BBQ is a commitment of time, money, and heart. Sometimes it feels like you’ve wasted all three of those, but when something clicks, you attain a richer understanding of why you’ve signed up for this obsession we call BBQ.

I’m looking forward to this experience and would like to thank Ray Basso for putting together such a platform. Please, if you would like to email me with thoughts or questions, feel free to do so.

Wednesday 21, September 2005

KCBS Judging Information

The first of three PodCasts from KCBS on contest from the KCBS CD this one is for cooks.  7:39 minutes

The second of three PodCasts from KCBS on contest from the KCBS CD this one is for judges. 7:25 minutes

The third of three PodCasts from KCBS on contest from the KCBS CD this one is for cooks  6:19 minutes

Combined, compressed version of all three segments.  The quality is not as good as the individual PodCasts.  20:49 minutes

We have a new reporter for The BBQ Blog Matt Fisher. Matt, will be reporting for the section “Profiles of BBQ Forum People.” This is a extension of the old BBQ Forum People listing called “Who, What, and Where. “ Matt will post these files when ever he has new information. He will be getting a lot of the information from people like you who send him emails of suggested people to profile. There will be a special page with email address of all the reporters soon.

Ray Basso

Joe McManus will be the reporter for “Competition BBQ for Newbies.” He will be submitting articles that will be of help for people new to competition BBQ. Please submit your questions, ideas and suggestions to him by email. There will be a special page with email address of all the reporters soon.

Ray Basso

Thought I would start out this area with a good Jerky recipe that I received from the foods department at the school I work at. They as I, use a dehydrator when making this recipe, but a smoker can be used as well.

The title of the recipe is Rons Beef Jerky. Now I had to ask the teacher where the name came from and she said it’s her husbands name so I will leave it as is to give him credit. You can also use Deer meat.

I have made this recipe many times at home, but every time they make it here at work, I sneak as much as I can. GRIN

Give it a try. I know you will like it.



1 TSP. ACCENT can be omited

Cut off all fat and cut meat into 1/4 to 1/8 inch thick slices across the grain. Mix all ingredients for marinade and soak meat in mixture in refrigerator overnight. Next morning, or when ready to dehydrate, lay strips on racks and cook until dry (eight or nine hours at 145 degrees.)


Care to Share?

Monday 19, September 2005

Rick Salmon – One of the BBQ Forum People

Rick has been a long time friend of The BBQ Forum.  He has a lot of experience with different types of cookers.  In this interview he discusses some of his background and shares some of his knowledge on cooking barbecue.   16:56 minutes

Hey all, my name is Ken Johnson also known as BARBQR of the Forum. When Ray asked for takers to write for different categories on the BLOG, I wrote and told him I would be willing to do the Recipe section. I was shocked to receive an e-mail from Ray confirming that I would be doing the recipes. I am not a reporter as Hayden said, but will do the best that I can.

Now a few things about me. I am a police officer in a High school in the great state of Kansas. I have been doing this job for 18 years now. I love to cook and collect old recipes. My mother has given me several books that belonged to my Grandmother ,but the best recipes my Grandmother had, she kept stored in her head. THOSE are the recipes I wish I had. It was nothing for her to step into the kitchen and make a meal out of the clear blue.

This is where you all come in. Please send me recipes you have that you would like to share with the the rest of us. Ones that are tried and are true.

Some of the best recipes I have, have come from those who post on the Forum. Yes, I do make alot of the recipes that have been post on the Forum and will use them in years to come. Some of those have come from Salmon and Chez. These are the recipes I hope others will share and will be used by others. They don’t have to be just BBQ.

I’m looking forward to your e-mails and recipes. Also, if someone is looking for a special recipe, let me know and we will see what happens.

If you have a picture, please include this with your recipe. I know Chez has made me hungry just looking at the pictures he puts on the Forum. If it’s possible, I will post them along with the recipes. There will be a special page with email address of all the reporters soon.

I hope to have my first post within a week so check back often.


Ken has agreed to take the responsibility as the BBQ Forum Blog Reporter for Recipes. Ken will introduce himself later but he will be highlighting good recipes from the BBQ Forum People.

Please help Ken by sending emails to him recommending that he write about recipes from the forum that you have tried and liked very much. There will be a special page with email address of all the reporters soon.


Ray Basso

Hello and welcome to the Restaurant Review section of the BBQ Forum Blog. My name is Hayden Powers and I will be your humble reporter for this section. Our mission is simply to provide barbecue restaurant reviews from the United States, Canada and International locations to the members and visitors to the BBQ Forum. The members and visitors to the Forum are welcomed; make that encouraged, to submit their own suggestions and reviews. I will provide my own editorial commentary and also use your suggestions and comments about barbecue restaurants you have visited.

Now a little about me. I am not a journalist/reporter and would never claim to be. I am a certified Barbecueaholic (my word). I believe that on the day I was born I came out of the womb with a Baby Back Rib in one hand and a jar of barbecue sauce in the other. I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. and have lived in Memphis, Chicago, Pensacola, FL, Hartford, CT, and now live in Holland, MI. For the last 25 years I have worked in the automotive aftermarket primarily in sales and marketing positions. During this time I have had the opportunity to travel this great country and sample barbecue both good and bad in different regions. I am a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society and the National Barbecue Association. For the last several months I have been fortunate to work with the Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co. competition team in Grand Rapids and a recent USO cook event at Great Lakes Navy Training Base in Chicago organized by Keith and Rebecca Engstrom of KRE Smokers.

Ok, enough about me. I need to review a few simple rules for the restaurant review blog page. When you submit your reviews please provide the name of the restaurant, address and if possible phone number. We want your honest, unbiased opinion so try to be as objective as possible. Tell us what you liked, didn’t like and why. I’m not interested in the big national chains (you know who I’m talking about). We’ve all been there done that and let’s be honest, they basically are all cut from the same “cookie cutter” format. What I would like to hear about is the “Mom & Pop” independent barbecue joints, stands, restaurants etc. I want to know if you liked the food would you go back and why. How do they cook their meats? What type of meats do they serve? How do they season the meats? What type of charcoal/wood do they use? What type of smoker/grill do they use? Now a lot of the owners/cooks may not want to share their secrets so don’t be surprised if they will not divulge that information.

Please keep your reviews as brief and concise as possible. No profanity! Each review will be looked at and edited as needed. This section is not a “soap box” to vent steam or criticisms. There are other forums and methods to do that. I plan to make a weekly report to the blog and this may change depending on the amount of reviews received.

I’ll be at the American Royal working with the Great Lakes BBQ & Feed Co. team at site# 876. Stop by and say hello. I’ll also be at the BBQ Forum party Friday night. Looking forward to a great weekend of barbecue and friends.

There will set up a special page with email address of all the reporters soon.

Now, go eat some barbecue.


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