October 2005

Friday 11, October 2005

Adam Perry Lang – Daisy May’s Restaurant NYC

Adam Perry Lang had worked at top restaurants like Le Cirque, Daniel and Chanterelle. Adam is a graduated of the Culinary Institute of America. He is now the owner of Daisy May’s BBQ in New York City. Daisy May’s has become an almost instant success in the big city.

He was the Grand Champion at the prestigious Barbeqlossal, BBQ contest in Iowa 2005 and won first place in Pork at the 2005 American Royal Open Contest in Kansas City, MO. Click the picture to view a larger image.

34:47 minutes High Quality 34:47Minutes Low Quality

Here is a real simple recipe I picked up. It’s easy to make and has been enjoyed by all that it has been served too. This is really good during the Holidays. Could even put a little ice cream on top.


Cinnamon-Apple Brunch Bake

What you will need:

3 tbsp. butter
½ cup light brown sugar
1 can (21 oz.) Apple pie filling
2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
1 ½ tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
1 can (12 oz.) Refrigerated biscuits
½ cup chopped (pieces) pecan nuts


1. In saucepan, melt butter, stir in brown sugar, apple pie filling, Cinnamon and Vanilla. Spread half of the apple mixture in 2-quart shallow baking dish.

2. Separate biscuits; cut each into quarters. Arrange pieces, points up, over mixture. Spoon remaining mixture over biscuits; sprinkle with nuts.

3. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes. Serve warm.

Give this a try and leave a comment on how you liked it.


Care to Share?

RSS Feeds are appearing on lots of web pages anymore. You can find them mostly on sites where information changes often like the The BBQ Forum Blog and the Podcast page. Simply stated if you copy the RSS Feed of these sites into a feed reader you can receiver almost instant notification on your computer screen whenever new items are added to the web page.

The first thing you need to do is get a “Feed Reader.” Just go to someplace like http://www.download.com and search on the phrase feed reader. You can find them costing everywhere from Free to around $50. To begin with get a free one like FeedReader. It’s a free program that works well and if you really like this stuff buy a better one, with a lot more features. They will all notify you in different ways when the web page your watching has something new added to it. The more expensive ones will download that new item to your computer while you sleep so you can, for example, upload the latest PodCast to your IPod in the morning and listen to it on the way to work.

You can find RSS feeds on web pages by looking for the link or the small orange image that has RSS on it. You probably should look for the one that has RSS 2 on it. You then right click on the link or image and mouse down to the link that reads “copy shortcut.” When you do this you put the shortcut link into your computers clipboard.


Ok, so you’re about to take off on a vacation, business trip, etc and you want to find out if your destination has any good barbecue restaurants. Where do you start your search?

Go to: www.msn.com, and look for the “city guides” link in the left hand side of the front page. Click on “city guide” and you will be directed to a page listing states and largest cities in the state. If you do not see the city you are looking for click on “choose another city” type in the city and/or zip code and enter. When the city page pops up search for the “restaurants” link and click. In the middle of the page you will see a “Restaurant Search”. Click on “By Cuisine”. This will take you to a page where you can refine your search by types of food served. Scroll down the list on the left hand side until you see Barbecue. The number of barbecue restaurants in that city and surrounding areas will be listed. Click on the barbecue link and you will be directed to a page listing all of the restaurants specializing in barbecue. There will be addresses, phone numbers, map etc. If you’re lucky there will also be several reviews about the restaurant and the food served.

I use this site anytime I’m planning a trip, business or otherwise, to plan my barbecue reviews. You can also submit your own review of the restaurant if you like. And while you’re doing that why not submit one to the BBQ Forum Blog Restaurant Review section. Let’s build up our own database for the use of BBQ Forum users.

Now go eat some barbecue.

Welcome to the Profiles of BBQ Forum People section of bbqblog.com. On the forum, my handle is Matt in NYC. My goal in writing these profiles is to share with readers the stories of the people that post and lurk on the forum. You don’t have to cook 12 contests a year (or any, for that matter) to be profiled here, but interesting stories that connect with your experience barbecuing are encouraged. At the same time some personal history and experiences will be included as well. Some of this has been covered in posts about “who are you and what do you do?” and “what got you started?” on the BBQ Forum, but this is an opportunity to put this in one central place, expand on the information and add more of peoples’ personalities to the picture. I hope you will contact me at my bbqblog email address (matt@bbqblog.com) and send suggestions about who you would like to see profiled in the weeks ahead.

A little personal history about me– I was born and raised in a suburb of New York City and lived in the Binghamton area of Central/Western New York State for about 6 years. My wife and I currently reside in Queens, but hope to leave NYC soon. I have spent the last few years marketing for an architectural/engineering company and traveling the country (eating as much barbeque as possible) to do so. I recently left that job to begin work in the pharmaceutical industry. I’ve written about food for the NY Press as well as on my blog, The Hampton Smoker, but I wouldn’t call myself a professional writer. About 6.5 years ago, a neighbor moved in with a Weber Kettle that he wound up giving me, a few years after I spent a week in Kansas City eating nothing but ‘que, then I picked up an ECB and now I’m waiting for my BYC to ship. The rest is lots and lots of ash and history.

As I said above, please be in touch with ideas for future profiles. The information can be about people who participate in charitable efforts like Operation BBQ or donate time cooking for homeless shelters, or those involved in catering, feeding touring musicians or vending out of a truck. I’m personally especially interested in how the art of cooking is handed down in families or how you are trying to pass the love on to youngsters and how traditions are kept alive or modified. None of that excludes the people that cook for a living, compete, only cook every so often or are just getting started– if you are a member of the forum, you might wind up being profiled. Cheers!

Wednesday 5, October 2005

Tana Shupe – Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg, TN.

Tana is the Manager, Guest Services Events for Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  Tana has been taking care of this very prestigious BBQ contest for several years.  In this interview you will learn a lot about this event and how it operates.

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