Hickory Wind BBQ
6072 K, Hwy 53
Braselton, GA 30517
Ph# 706-654-9463

On my way to Greenville, SC traveling on I-85 North I spotted one of those highway “Food” signs listing several local area restaurants. Happened to catch the name “Hickory Wind BBQ” and thought I would give it a try.

Hickory Wind is located in a fairly new looking strip shopping area just west of I-85. As I looked over the menu the waitress came over and asked for my drink order. I was pretty hungry this day and chose a Pork Plate. The plate comes with Hush Puppies and a slice of white bread along with your choice of 2 sides. I chose Onion Rings and Baked Beans as my 2 sides. When the order arrived I dug into the pork and was pleasantly surprised. The meat was very moist and had a great hickory smoke flavor. This was pulled pork but there was an ample amount of bark and outside meat. The beans were not the best I have had. Onion Rings were average. The Hush Puppies were very good. There were several types of barbecue sauce on the table to choose from. The first one I tried was a “Sweet Sauce”. This sauce had a very distinct apple flavor to it similar to applesauce. Not too bad but a little too sweet for my taste. There was also a “Red Sauce” that had a nice kick of heat to it.

About this time the manager/owner came over to see how everything was. I introduced myself and advised him that I was writing a review for the BBQ Forum. That got his interest and we started talking about Hickory Wind. Come to find out that Gary and his sister operates Hickory Wind. The sister is Kelly Eder and the brother is Gary Lee they are co-owners of Hickory Wind. As Gary and I were talking he asked if I would like to try some of their Brunswick stew. You do not find Brunswick stew too often outside of the South and it is especially popular in Georgia and Alabama. I love it, especially when it is good. Hickory Wind has a very good Brunswick stew. It is a smoother stew, not chunky, but goes well with your meal. Gary also brought out a “Brown Sauce” that he was making that day. I really liked the Brown sauce. Then he mentioned that he also had a Mustard Sauce and brought that out. This was very similar to the South Carolina mustard sauces, but this had a really good amount of spice and heat. Gary mentioned that he uses an Ole Hickory Pit Smoker and uses Hickory wood for smoking. He cooks the pork and beef brisket 12-14 hours and ribs about 7 hours. By the way that Sweet Sauce I mentioned earlier; Gary said he adds Apple Butter to the sauce. Now there’s something original. He’s gonna “tweak” that sauce a little and cut down on the sweetness.

Gary mentioned a dessert that really sounded good, Pineapple Cobbler. I wish I had room to try the cobbler but I was stuffed. I would highly recommend Hickory Wind if you are in the area. It is certainly worth the trip from Atlanta and a short distance from I-85.

Now go eat some Barbecue!