As part of two succesful competition teams (Tom and Josh’s Orgasmic Slabs and The Music City Slab Pals), a traffic-cop for the KCBS office, Vice President of Kookers
Kare and Editor of the Kansas City Bullsheet, Stephanie’s time is spread pretty thin. Nevertheless, she still finds time to walk the stage for an award, spend time with her son, teach classes around the country and to participate actively in the discussion on the bbq forum. Take it away, Steph. 

Name? Stephanie Wilson
 Where From and/or where do you currently live? Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri

Married, kids, etc…? Single. One son, Brent Richardson.

Profession (even if not bbq 24/7– if you cater, vend,etc please mention)? Office Manager/Editor of The Bullsheet KCBS; Partner in The Slabs, LLP (; Vend, Cater, Vice-President of Kookers Kare, member of Tom & Joshs Orgasmic Slabs aka; member of The Music City Slab Pals.

Number of pits and what are they? New Braunfels The Boss smoker/grill (had a buddy make mods on it and painted it engine orange!); New Braunfels Bandera; Old, old Brinkmann offset, when they used heavier steel; Fiesta gas grill, numerous kettle grills in various sizes, bullet smoker, and a tall tower smoker thing, I
can't remember who makes it but I got it for 20 bucks because it was missing a screw. Part owner of a Lang 60 (, and an Southern Pride BMJ 200. I think
that's all. Kyle solely owns the Lang 84.

Have you ever made your own pit, if so, how many and what styles? Uh, No! Nobody needs that.

Earliest memory of bbqing– is/was your family involved? My mom smoking rump roasts in a bullet smoker when we were kids. I also remember begging to have my fifth birthday party outside at a local park so we could have grilled hamburgers and chicken. My birthday is the first week of
March €¦they did it.

Favorite thing about bbqing? The people. Being able to have our families involved. Mainly having Brent involved.
He's getting ready to start driving with a permit in a week, so, maybe when's
he's a full-fledged driver, instead of driving off, he'll drive to meet me at a competition.

How you found the forum and when (if you can remember)? 1999, 2000? I found it through work.

What was your first pit? My very own was The Boss.

First thing you remember cooking (doesn’t have to be bbq)? Helping my great grandmother make homemade flour tortillas on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Favorite bbq woods, charcoal, rub, sauce, etc? I like pecan wood, the smell of it on a cool brisk
morning . Charcoal, Royal Oak Charcoal .. Rub, The Slabs Kyle Style Perk Up Your Pork and Wow Up Your
Cow . Sauce, The Slabs Kyle Style Complete Your Meat ..this is starting to sound like an
infomercial .

Favorite/best competition memory (where, when, who with, team name, etc….)?
I'd have to say I have two. Laurie Missouri 2000, the first competition we had ever won. My Dad and Mom drove down just to watch the awards. They had started late, and they were going to leave and my Dad said, out of all the years
I've been at the racetrack early, they'll live if I'm half an hour later than
normal ..and we won and they were there. The second would be the American Royal Invitational 2003. We
didn't get any calls in any of the categories and we were Reserve Reserve Grand or whatever they call 3rd overall and both of our families were there, including my Dad. Everybody was stoked. That was his last Royal, he passed away two days after the Jack that year.

Do you eat bbq in restaurants– if so, where, when why? Oklahoma Joes, either one, 47th Street or Olathe. The beef is fantastic and the fries are even better! Why, because I like it.

Favorite record albums, books, TV shows, movie,etc…whatever you want to include. Music, mainly 70's, 80's, Rat Pack era,
I'm pretty flexible. I just don't like “twangy” country. Books, I don't really have time to read. TV shows, mainly the nightly news. Movies, I
don't really have time to go to the movies.

Favorite non-BBQ Food to eat and/or cook (or thing you eat most often when not eating bbq)? Beef. Pretty much says it all.

Favorite beer, favorite beer to drink w/ food? Bud Light. Cocktail hour, Jack Daniels.
I've also taken a liking to Patron Tequila.

Favorite BBQForum Thread (can include “what’s an abt?” if you want)? Anything that
doesn't include: “Haven't gotten my Bullsheet yet”

Least Favorite BBQForum Thread (ditto)? “Haven't gotten my Bullsheet yet”

Do you have a web site and when did you start and why?
We started it in 2004 to promote our pork rub that came out in, the sauce
followed in October and the beef rub in January of 2006. Basically,