132 South Cass Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559
Ph# 630-493-9000
Web: www.unclebubs.com

Uncle Bub’s is located in the main downtown section of Westmont, IL, in the western suburbs of Chicago. The restaurant has been in business since 1997. I visited Uncle Bub’s for lunch on a Wednesday and arrived a little early before the lunch time rush. Good thing I did because this place started to get busy soon after I arrived.

You walk up to the cash register and place your order with the cashier. A huge menu hangs from the wall behind the counter with numerous meat entrees to choose from. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, which comes with 2 sides. I chose fresh hand cut French Fries and Cole Slaw. After paying for my selection I was given a wooden cutout of a pig with a number painted on the figure. You get a chicken cutout if you order barbecue chicken. Clever. Beverages are self-serve with free refills. There is also a huge variety of bottled hot sauces to choose from to “kick-up” you food a notch or two.

Soon after I was seated a waitress brought out my order. At first look I was impressed with the ample amounts of food. The pulled pork sandwich was piled high with beautiful looking pork meat with a good mix of lean meat and outside bark. I took a taste of the meat, without sauce, and could tell the pork had been cooked long and slow with hickory and maybe some apple wood. Great taste, moist and the mix of outside bark really added a nice flavor. French fries were definitely hand cut instead of the typical prefab frozen variety. There are two types of Barbecue sauce to choose from, one sweet and one with a little more spice. Both complimented the pulled pork.

While I was enjoying my lunch I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Link, Managing Partner, at Uncle Bub’s. Mark is a member of the KCBS and the National Barbecue Association. Prior to opening Uncle Bub’s Mark sold Southern Pride cookers. Naturally he uses a Southern Pride cooker. Mark does a lot of catering in the area and does not have much time to devote to competition barbecue on the weekends. He will be competing at Arthur, IL and hopes to add more competitions next year. Mark brought out a small sampling of ribs and a small bowl of Brunswick stew. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender. Nice smoke flavor with just enough sauce. The Brunswick stew was some of the best I had ever had. Good blend of tomato base with chunks of potatoes, onions, celery, green beans, carrots, corn and seasonings. Reminded me of real southern style Brunswick stew.

Now I am sure there are other really good barbecue restaurants in the Chicago area. And I hope to visit all of them in future reports. But I would highly recommend Uncle Bub’s in Westmont, IL.

This review submitted by Hayden Powers.

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