Sony Installs Trojan Horse:

How upset would you be if I told you one of the largest electronics manufacturers may have installed a Trojan horse program on your computer?  What if you found out that it was secretly using your processor time and maybe even keeping your computer from going into power-save mode?  Yeah, me too.  Well, it appears as though Sony is doing just that with their latest attempt at copy protection, installing a type of Trojan horse called a “rootkit”.

You can read about it here in this MSNBC article, What’s on that music CD anyway?  A more technical description can be found at Mark’s Sysinternals Blog, and here’s a list of CDs that will install these on your computer.  Thanks to Lawhog for pointing out the word should be spread on this.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be very careful about the CDs I drop into my computer as well as which ones I buy. After publishing this I noticed another article. Looks like Sony is going to be in some hot water.

Critical Windows Flaw:

Anyone running Microsoft Windows should already be doing this, but I wanted to remind you it is time to go to Windows Update and install any security-related patches.  Microsoft just revealed a “Critical” security flaw and subsequent patch, so all users should install it immediately.  Here’s the MSNBC article, Microsoft warns of “critical” Windows flaw.

RATs – Follow Up:

In a follow-up to my first Blog about Remote Access Trojans (RATS), I wanted to post a link to this article by Bob Sullivan, Here’s How to Fight Off Rats.

A lot of available information on preventing RATs from infesting your computer are not tools or hardware, they are tips on using safe surfing habits.  You should already be using safe surfing techniques, but I’ll need to save that for a future article.

Gerry Schatte