I’d hoped to make my last Blog entry before Thanksgiving completely about fun stuff, but I do need to alert you to the latest e-mail scam. This one tries to make you believe that it comes from the FBI, they’ve caught you visiting illegal web sites, and that you need to open an attachment to answer some questions. You can find the details in this MSNBC article — FBI warns users against scam e-mails. They include a link for reporting internet crimes — the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Very well, on to the fun stuff…

I stumbled across this link yesterday entitled Great grilling with gadgets, and there were a couple cool items listed. On page two, they show a portable, outdoor ice maker that makes 35 lbs of ice in 24 hrs! That sure would come in handy at times.

Here’s a few complete wastes of time if you’re stuck at the office trying not to think about the time clock. Just don’t blame me when the boss catches you!

The Blue Ball Machine is pretty cool. WARNING – check your speaker level before you click on this one. It plays a loud, annoying sound file. Are you wondering how they got it to be so huge? There’s a trick to it, do you know what it is?

My high score on The Grid Game was 837. Don’t ask how long I played.

Here’s a neat little memory game.

This one is processor intensive, and slows my machine down. You might want to save anything your working on before clicking this one. It is pretty slick though — String Spin.

While I think the concept behind Phoneswarm is somewhat amusing, I never hope I get so bored I join in 🙂 To get a description of what the site is about, click on the “faq” link at the top.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Gerry Schatte