This recipe comes from my web site. I noticed someone found the recipe but had a few questions and posted it on the Forum. So I will pass it along here on the blog.

Home Made Beef Sticks
I have had several inquires in making Home Made Beef Sticks so I have decided to make a web page just for doing so.

How to make Beef Sticks

First we need some ingredients.


This will make a ten pound batch. It will be broken down at the end of the page for a two pound batch.

5 TBSP Tender Quick
1 TBSP Mace
4 TBSP Paprika
6 TBSP Ground Mustard
1 tsp. Celery seed – ground
1 tsp. Garlic powder
1 tsp. Black pepper
1 tsp. White pepper
2 TBSP Dextrose – I found mine in a Health Food store
2 tsp. red pepper

If you want to make this a Pepperoni Stick, add 2 tsp. Ansie

To make a 2 pound batch, take the above recipe and take 5 TBSP minus 1/8 tsp. and mix with two pounds of lean ground hamburger.
That would be, mix everything to make a ten pound batch and take 5 TBSP minus 1/8 tsp. and add this to two pounds of hamburger.

1. Desolve Tender Quick in a little water, add to meat and mix well
2. Blend remaining ingredients and add to meat mixture and mix well.
3. Form in 1/2 inch diameter rolls. Dehydrate on high for 5 hours. *
I mix ALL the dry ingredients together and skip step 1
I also mix (blend) all the dry ingredients in a food processor.
I also use a food processor to mix the meat (hamburger) and the seasoning together.
* If you use your oven, set temp. to 155 degrees and keep the door
cracked open for air flow.

I also use a Jerky gun with the large round tip and shoot the meat on the trays.

Happy Beef Stick making!
Ken aka-Barbqr

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