Maurices at Piggie Park
Columbia, SC

Had a late lunch at Maurices; had to go for the Big Pig – no relation to Buddy Goodwin. Chopped pork with Carolina mustard sauce; gave the meat a sort of strange yellow tint. Ribs and hash over rice with a roll and two hush puppies on the side. The pork was moist and tender and not over sauced even though the sauce had been mixed in with the meat. I actually added a little more to get more of the mustard sauce flavor with the meat. The ribs were OK, but a little on the tough side, but did have good flavor and the mustard sauce was good on them. I don’t know what all was in the hash, but it was served over rice and was very good. The slaw was a finely chopped type with mayo base. It was good and complemented the pork and hash very well. The hush puppies were golden brown spheres of cornmeal and onion and excellent; crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Overall a good introduction to South Carolina BBQ and hash since this is a first for me. I plan to try several more samples of South Carolina BBQ the rest of this week.