The following review was submitted by Mark Delashaw-“QN”.

Little Pigs Barbecue
Alpine Road
Columbia, SC

We got there for a late lunch about 1:30pm this afternoon. They said just come on in and eat and pay when we left. WOW! I looked around and didn’t know what to try first. It is an all you can eat buffet for a total of $7.15 which includes everything; vegetables, meats, drinks, and dessert. Here is a run down of what I can remember; collards, green beans, mac & cheese, fried okra, pulled pork with mustard sauce, pulled pork with vinegar sauce, pulled pork with tomato base sauce, BBQ chicken, ribs, fried chicken, fried livers and gizzards, fried catfish fillets, hash, rice, hushpuppies, rolls, and on a separate stand in the middle of the room they had most of a hog where you could pull your own meat (hams and shoulders). The pulled pork with all three sauces was very good; moist and tender. The pull your own with no sauce was excellent; moist and tender. The fried chicken and fish were both very good. I could not eat like this very often. We had to try dessert to top everything off; banana pudding with vanilla wafers was our choice, but they also had a chocolate thing and something else. Overall, this was a great BBQ joint I would visit again. We hope to try Henry’s Smokehouse in Greenville tomorrow.