Henry’s Smokehouse
Woodruff Rd. location
Greenville, SC

We made it to Henry’s for lunch today. I had the two meat combo with pulled pork, ribs, beans, and slaw. The pulled pork and ribs were both served without sauce with a mustard sauce and tomato/vinegar sauce on each table. The meats were excellent. Very moist and tender with good smoke flavor all around. Both sauces were very good. Beans and slaw were also good. This was some of the best BBQ I have had in South Carolina so far. Thanks to Rocky of Big Drum Smokers for recommending it. The others with me had a sandwich plate with fries and hash on the side and a combo plate with pork and chicken. The chicken was a boneless skinless breast filet that was cooked like BBQ, but was not one of the better items at Henry’s today. Everything else was reported to be excellent. Prices are very reasonable and you can get a whole slab of ribs meal for only $12.95. The two meat combo was $6.75. Overall a very good meal of Q. I will return to Henry’s Smokehouse next time I am in Greenville.

Mark D.