The following review was submitted by BBQBob, with minor editing by the reporter.

Slow’s BBQ in Detroit, Michigan
2138 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI. 48216
Ph# 313-962-9828

Major disappointment with the foods. The building itself for this area was a nice change for an area of town that is trying to get built back up to bring suburbanites back to the city but the food needs to be worked on some. I think if the foods were better it would really be great for the city. The restaurant itself has a very nice bar that people can sit at while they eat if they choose to do so. Lots of wood in the place with the original brick walls showing. Made it kind of a semi-rustic looking place yet it also has some class about it also. Certainly a place a guy could take his wife to for dinner. This place is very close to where to original Detroit Tiger Stadium was.
My friend Dave and I have heard about this new BBQ place opening here in Detroit so we decided to take a run down and try it for ourselves. We both had high hopes for the place since real BBQ isn’t too popular here yet. Their valet parking was a nice touch for any BBQ joint. Our first impression was a good one. Staff was friendly, the place was very clean. The booths we sat in were as comfortable as booths can be and they helped make the place. We looked over the menu trying to make up our minds on what to have. After a bit of discussion we made up our minds and placed our orders.

I got their sampler plate (brisket, pork and chicken) and two sides. Dave got their 2-meat meal (spares and brisket) along with two sides. The brisket Dave and I each had was mostly point which for me wasn’t bad since I always enjoy point. We each had some slices of flat (2 for me) along with 3 or 4 slices of point. Mine came with pulled chicken and pulled pork, Mac and cheese and cornbread. Dave had spares, brisket and cornbread, and waffle fries. Dave a diet coke and I had sweet tea.

They offered a NC vinegar sauce, a Slow’s sweet sauce (KC style), a Slow’s spicy (Texas style as they called it), an apple BBQ sauce (my favorite one of what they had), a mustard sauce (I couldn’t tell you it was mustard if I had to do a blind taste test). All served at the table. No sauce was on the meat.

The brisket was actually good enough to go back for again assuming this would be served as it was again since who’s cooking and the time of day can effect foods. No smoke at all but it did taste like beef at least and what we had was moist and actually fairly tender, more tender than many places I have been to so far. Dave cut (with a knife of all things) me a couple ribs. They were dry and almost chewy for our 12:30 lunch. Seems they were reheated on a char grill, which gave them that burnt flavor that for us wasn’t pleasant to the taste buds. Very little flavor in the ribs. No smoke what so ever. Even just the smell of them was like a burnt grilled rib with no sauce.

My chicken was dry and tough/chewy with a very off taste from a seasoning they used on it. I only ate a few bites of it and left most of it on the plate. Even the sauces didn’t help it along. Dave wouldn’t go back for a 2nd taste. No smoke flavor or smell. The pulled pork was also dry. By dry meaning in texture not meaning any sauce. Actually tasted like oven roasted pork and it too had an odd tasting seasoning put on the meat after it was pulled. We both ate a few bites but most got left on the plate. I did try some of the NC vinegar sauce on it thinking it would be better and just as quickly as the meat hit my mouth it was spit back onto the fork and put back on the plate. Just a real nasty flavor when put together and I do like vinegar sauces very much. You guessed it no smoke flavor.

Dave commented that the meats looked like just what they were…. dead animal flesh.

Their ‘new’ recipe of cornbread was kind of like a cake, springy in texture and to me had very little corn flavor. It did look to be cooked in a cast iron skillet at least. It wasn’t a sweet cornbread either but for me in lacked flavor. For the decent wedge we each were served, Dave ate most of his and I ate less than half of mine. Mac and cheese seemed to be a real deal recipe but it too had what I felt was an off spice/seasoning in it that over took the cheese flavor. For me it wasn’t pleasing. It sure wasn’t like some of the good soul food places serve in the town. I’d try it again but I’d really like to know what that seasoning was first.

The waffle fries were actually pretty darn good. Even their version of sweet tea wasn’t as good as what I had in many area/places in the south.

Oh we had their appetizer special of 2 brisket enchiladas. 2 little 3-4 inch long deals on a plate with cheese over top for $6. We had a difficult time finding the brisket in them and what we had had very little flavor. Also they did have on their menu a version of an ABT but without the pork (6 for $5.95). Seems they stopped making them due to how labor intensive they are to make!

With the owners having restaurant know how and 2 of them being chefs maybe their 8 weeks in business so far will get better over time? From what we found many things should have been better after this amount of time in business.

If I go back I may just get a plate of brisket and waffle fries and maybe a sweet tea.