The following review was submitted by Stan in MD, a regular forum contributor. Minor editing by the reporter.

Smokey Hollow BBQ
7500 Montpelier Road, #116
Laurel, Maryland 20723

This past weekend my wife, daughter and I had the pleasure of eating at Smokey Hollow BBQ. The restaurant is owned by Dave who is a BBQ forum member.

Smokey Hollow is in a small strip shopping center just off Route 29 between I-70 and Washington, DC. It is a bright, airy place with a very friendly staff. It is mostly carryout with three small tables for eat in. From the moment you walk in the door you get that wonderful combination of meat, spice and smoke aroma that tells you are in a “real” BBQ place.

Now to the important thing, the food. My daughter had a pulled pork sandwich that was filled with a very generous serving of pulled pork. She is the real mustard sauce enthusiast in the group and she pronounced not only the pork, but also the sauce to be extremely good. My wife and I shared a sampler that included ribs, brisket and pulled pork. The flavor of all was very good. The ribs were a bit tenderer than I would prefer, but I know that when you are selling to the public you have to give what the majority of people are looking for. The pork was very tasty. I thought the brisket could have been sliced just a tad thicker to make a slightly moister product but it was very tender and the flavor was very good. We tried three of the sauces, mustard, gorilla and Carolina style vinegar. All were very good. I really liked the mustard and Carolina on the pulled pork and the gorilla (which has a bit of a pepper kick) on the brisket.

I had a chance to talk to Dave who is very open to suggestions and is continuing to make adjustments and is an all around nice guy.

All in all, very good food, great service and reasonable prices, what more could you ask for?